Frequently Asked Questions

What should you look for in a storage unit? The first thing you should know is that storage facilities are far from being equal. There is much you should consider before entrusting a storage facility with your personal belongings or your business.

Here you will find answers to a few frequently asked questions as well as information to more complex topics that you may not have considered previously. Our family has worked in the storage industry for over 30 years. We’re happy to share a bit of our industry knowledge with you.

How to Choose a Storage Facility?

Q. Are all storage facilities built the same?
A. The short answer is no. Unlike the Stor-Rite facility, most buildings used for self-storage are built with corrugated metal construction. Why? Because it’s cheaper and faster to build that way. Considering that Southwest Florida is prone to hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes, the last thing you want is a storage unit made with flimsy walls, flat roofs, and unsealed panels. This type of construction invites excess moisture and mold to penetrate your property. This is not the Stor-Rite way.

Q. How is the Stor-Rite storage facility built?
A. This is Florida. We construct our storage facilities to withstand severe weather. We use solid concrete block construction, which minimizes the potential for damage and moisture intrusion. In the 35 years we have been renting storage units, we have never (ever) had a single unit succumbed to natural disasters or weather-related damages.

Q. Looking for low cost self-storage in Cape Coral?
A. One of the reasons we’ve stayed in business all these years is because of our competitive pricing. If you find lower prices elsewhere, keep in mind that lower prices typically mean lower standards. There are many storage facilities that offer deals and discounts to get you in the door. But those low prices need to be made up elsewhere, usually in the management (less experience/lower paid) or cutting back on the maintenance and security. Also, sometimes there are hidden rent escalations in the contract.

Q. What makes Stor-Rite the best value in self-storage in Cape Coral?
A. As a family owned business with a reputation nearly as old as the city of Cape Coral, you can be sure we know what it takes to run the best self-storage facility in Southwest Florida. We offer affordable storage solutions without participating in the bait and switch tactics of large national storage chains. Our managers have been with us for more than 10 years. We take pride in maintaining the cleanliness of our facility and providing excellent customer service.

Q: What level of customer service can you expect from Stor-Rite?
A: We have provided storage solutions to our Cape Coral neighbors since 1975. We live here. We work here. We love this community. We are not a satellite location in a large national chain. We have roots in this area. To reach us, you will not need to dial an 800 phone number. You will not need to press 1 for English or jump through hoops to get a human on the phone. Your call will never be transferred overseas either. When you choose Stor-Rite, you can pick up the phone and speak with a manager on-site 24/7. It’s as simple as that.

Q: Are you looking to find the cheapest self-storage in Cape Coral?
A: Don’t jump at the lowest price. Cheap usually means lower quality. Cheap usually means weak or non-existent security. Cheap usually means inexperienced management. You get what you pay for in life. If your belongings are worth storing away for safekeeping, they’re worth doing it right. Stor-Rite.

Q. Why choose a local self-storage facility in Cape Coral versus a national chain?
A. Locally owned self-storage facilities with on-site management are your best bet. Store your stuff with local business owners who actually care about the community, because it’s their community, too. Here at Stor-Rite, we’ve been doing this for more than three decades. We’re great at what we do. And it shows.

Q. What should you do before renting a self-storage unit in Cape Coral?
A. Visit the facility before making rental decisions. Meet the manager and observe the appearance of the facility. Ask questions. Give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to talk you through our storage options at Stor-Rite.

Q. What should you look for in choosing a storage unit and storage facility?
A. Check out the unit and look for seam gaps, questionable roofing, adequacy of lighting, door strength and overall structural integrity. Facilities that are solely sheet metal may blow away in Florida’s rough storms. Stor-Rite’s facility is made of solid concrete for increased self-storage protection. Come take a look and you’ll see the Stor-Rite difference.

Q. What type of security does the Stor-Rite storage facility have on site?
A. Unlike other storage facilities, we believe security means more than fencing. If you ask us, proper security includes a manager living on site. This ensures 24/7 surveillance and protection, plus maintains the overall integrity of the entire site. This is the type of protection you’ll get when you store your valuables the right way. Stor-Rite.

Q. When can I access my unit?
A. Any time you want. We have 24/7 security on site, so you can feel comfortable whenever you need to get into your unit, day or night.

Q. Can I buy boxes and other packing products from Stor-Rite?
A. Yes, we have boxes, locks, and packing supplies located on site. We can help you with your move from start to finish.

Q. Can I store my RV, boat, car or motorcycle with Stor-Rite?
A. Yes, we offer storage solutions for all of your personal and business needs.

Q. Do I need to give advanced notice when I am ready to move out of my unit?
A. We appreciate a heads up. But you do not need to give a specific 30-day notice or anything. You are never under a contract with us. Ever.

Q. What size units are available? How do I know what size storage unit I need?
A. We offer a variety of units and sizes—inside, outside, and climate controlled. Check out our quick guide to help you find the size you need. Or give us a call. We love talking to people.